The Jigsaw

King Charles and the Queen Consort stand proudly against a backdrop of The Mall and Buckingham Palace, overflowing with jubilant well-wishers from all over the British Isles, waving their Union Flags, Roses, Thistles, Shamrocks and Daffodils.

Overhead, the Red Arrows roar their way across a red, white and blue sky, from Windsor, over the London skyline including The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.

This wonderful, happy scene is adorned with many of the things that reflect The King's love of The British people, animals, conservation and the environment. You can spot garden birds, plane trees, wild parakeets and a raven from The Tower. Buzzing bees, butterflies, ladybirds, dragonflies, wind turbines are also present, whilst the Royal couples' rescue dogs sit obediently at their feet.

From pearly kings and queens to the charity workers, and from the golden carriage to the ceremonial trumpeters, this special edition jigsaw is a celebration of the monarchy and the best of 21st century Britain.

Long Live The King.